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As it is known, full electric power has active and reactive components. High-quality reactive power compensation at low voltage provides a number of advantages, and economically, short-term repayment, up to 2 years. The selection of compensators, or as it is accepted in Western literature, the selection of power factor correction devices is due to a number of indicators ranging from load size, preliminary power factor indicators, availability of harmonics in the network, as well as inaccuracies to unprotected locators Because of high harmonics.

Accurate counting and deployment of high-quality compensators ensures the most efficient operation of your electrical system by providing more stable voltage, reducing power loss across the grid, reducing voltage drop, reducing unloading loads, and reducing transformer loads and reducing load respectively. etc.

Being one of the leaders in the European market, I-CAR ORTEA offers up to 1100 kWar capacitors specific to various complex production processes with 25 adjustment steps, total harmonic current deviation (THDIR%) up to 60%, long service life, I complies with IEC39 -1/2, IEC 61921 and IEC 60831-1 / 2.

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