with a capacity of 434.7 kW

Solar photovoltaic power plant․ Design, construction management, supply and installation of electrical equipment 10/0. 4 kV (Sarel, Tesar, Hyundai, НТЦМ) (completed), 2017

“International Masis Tabak” LLC

“Alishan” – design of 6/0.4 kV 2×1000kVA substation, supply of power equipment, assembly, installation and commissioning (Sarel, Tesar, Hyundai, Ortea, Socomec), 2017

"RAMADA" Hotel

Supply of equipment, assembling and installation of the main 0.4 kV switchboard at the Ramada Hotel 2*1600kVA substation at: (Eaton, Socomec, НТЦМ) 2018

"Grand Master" LLC

Design, delivery, Assembly, installation and commissioning of a 1600kva 6/0. 4 kV transformer and stabilization substation (ABM Amper, Tesar, Hyundai, Ortea, Socomec, Eaton, НТЦМ)

"Vayots Arev - 1”

1 MW peak solar photovoltaic power plant ” Vayots Arev”

Design, supply and installation of electrical equipment 10/0. 4 kV 2018

"Vayots Arev - 2”

Zod Wind

Design of electrical part of a wind farm with a capacity of 1.32 MW, installation of 0.69/6 kV substations, connection of the station to the network, Sodk 2018

Tumo Center, Gyumri

Supply, assembly, and adjustment of equipment 630 kV 10 / 0.4 kV substation, diesel generator, 0.4 kV main and all power distribution and automation panels of Gyumri Tumo Innovation Center (Tesar, Onis Visa, Socomec, Eaton, НТЦМ) 2018-2019


0.4 kV Main Distribution Panel with ATS of  Hrazdan hotel at Dzorapi 70/3, Yerevan ( Supply of equipment, assembly of panels (Hyundai, EShS, NTCM) 2019

2x25MVA, 35/6kV s/s Masis Tabak

International Masis Tabak LLC  Assembling, installation, start and commissioning of  2*25000kVA  35/6kV substation (ZTR, ABM Amper)

International Masis Tabak LLC-installation, production and commissioning of the new 6kV KBK under construction (ZTR, ABM Amper) 2019

"Grand Master" LLC

Design of  2* 2500kVA 6/0,4 kV  transformer substation, equipment supply, assembly, installation and commissioning (ABM Amper, Tesar, Hyundai, Ortea, Socomec, Eaton, НТЦМ) 2019

Brandy factory "Ararat"

Supply, installation, start and commissioning of 0.4 kV and 10 kV main distribution equipment (Eaton, Hyundai, Socomec) 2018-2019


Assembly, supply and comminioning of compact transformer substation  1600KVA  10/0. 4kV of the project of apartment buildings “Renaissance” Yerevan, Monte Melkonyan 44 (Hyundai, МЭТЗ).