TESAR (Italy) Power (cast resin and oil type) and measuring transformers up to 35kV and 10MVA

VISA (Italy) - diesel generators up to 3000kVA.

SAREL (Italy) Distribution equipment up to 35 kV (КСО, КРУ, monoblock, vacuum circuit breakers, SF6 load break switches)

0.4 kV switching equipment, ATS, control and monitoring systems. Uninterruptible power supply systems up to 1MVA.

Power and automatic switching equipment 0.4 kV up to 6300A

Digital voltage stabilizers up to 4 MVA capacity and power factor correctors

Production of power transformers up to 1250MVA and 1150kV, shunt reactors up to 180 MVAr and 500 kV

0.4-10kV power and automatic switching equipment control and monitoring systems, switchboards, switchgears, monoblocks RMU, uninterruptible power supply systems, etc.

Multi-profile systems of cable trays and cable ducts, grounding and lightning protection equipment

Production of distribution equipment and auxiliary switching equipment up to 110 kV (vacuum circuit breakers, disconnectors, voltage and current transformers КСО, КРУ, ОРУ etc.)

Multi-profile electrical tools and accessories

Grounding and lightning protection systems

Certified 0.4 kV distribution panels

Production of copper bus bars for markers M0 and M1

Apator -0.4 kV disconnectors and load break switches rated current up to 1250A

МЭТЗ (Belarus) – Hermetic oil type transformers TMG voltage up to 35kV and power up to 3200kVA

Production of power and control cables 0.66-1kV, 6 / 10kV, 35kV and 110kV

Manufacture of aluminum electrical bus bars AD31T

Production of power and control cables 0.66-1kV, 6 / 10kV, 35kV and 110kV