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Wholesale (electrical devices, equipment and tools)

  • Circuit breakers (MCB, MCCB, ACB), magnetic contactors  etc.
  • Electric metal panels
  • Automatic transfer switchers
  • Measuring devices of electrical parameters
  • Dry type cast resin transformers with power up to 6300 kVA
  • Oil transformers with power up to 63000 kVA
  • Measuring transformers
  • Complete distribution substations
  • 6/10kV switching equipment: switches, disconnectors, insulators, etc
  • Medium voltage switchgears (6/10kV)
  • 35kV switching devices: switches, disconnectors and insulators, etc.
  • 35kV distribution boards
  • Complete transformer substation (CTS)
  • Uninterruptible power supply devices up to 2 MVA
  • Voltage stabilizers up to 4MVA
  • Power factor correctors with capacity up to 1000 kVAr
  • Diesel generators with power up to 1 MW
  • Cable terminations and connectors up to 35kV
  • Manual and hydraulic tools for processing cables and wires
  • 0.4 kV, 6 / 10kV, 35kV single-phase and three-phase power cables, control cables
  • Copper and aluminum electrical bus bars  with section up to 120 * 10mm, copper sheets, GOST
  • Cable trays, ducts, electrical tubes and etc.c

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